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Wedding night... a very special night, supposedly the night when the bride and groom have the most intimate and wonderful sex of their lives. It may be a bit different in reality, but it certainly is an intimate moment and a very special night. Some tips that can make your wedding night one of the best nights in your life.

Its a very special moment. Savour the moment. After going through the entire wedding experience, you might be tired for the most special sex of your lives, yet it most likely to be amongst your most romantic, intimate and memorable sexual experiences.

It might turn out not to be the amazing sex you ever had or had anticipated. So what? Enjoy whatever happens.

After all the hustle bustle of the wedding, meeting and greeting and receive greeting from all the people who attended your wedding and the photo sessions, its time to just relax and talk to your partner. Talk about the wedding and about your love for each other. Talking helps in relaxing each other and take the mind of sex. The sex that follows will certainly be intimate and amazing.

The endless greetings, the first willing and then forceful smiles, the posing for the cameras, gives no time for each other during the wedding. Take a moment, stare into each other's eyes, share few jokes and laughs, share few kisses and flirt with each other. It will help build some excitement for the time alone later.

Wanting to try something new? Always been thingking about it? The wedding night can be a fun night to try that something new.

Ladies, get that sexy wedding night lingerie that your bought out of the closet. The lingerie can help to set the mood. It will excite your partner as well. In all this, make sure you feel right wearing it. A confident lover is always a better lover.

Get into the mood by setting the stage. Light some candles, play some soothing and relaxing music, scatter rose petals, or do whatever that helps you get in the mood.

Come to think of it, does sex have to really happen on the wedding night. Is it absolutely essential? Why not talk to each other, relax your body and nerves, make each other comfortable. You can always have it the next morning or the next night or the morning after that or the night after that or just make love whenever you both feel like or always.

Its good to accept that you and your partner might be exhausted to have sex. If one of you falls asleep or is not in the mood dont assume that your marriage is doomed. Spend the time relaxing and remember how wonderful the wedding day was, special day in your life.