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Honey is an aphrodisiac all the way and one of the most seductive foods in the world. Rich in B-vitamins (vital for testosterone production) honey is an easily metabolized sugar that helps in boosting up your energy levels. Right from its viscous consistency and its pleasant scent to its syrupy sweet taste, this delicious liquid can be added to your evening snacks or dinner to heighten your romance.

Get sticky with it:
Pour it over a scoop of ice cream topped with fruits and nuts,
Make it your fruit salad dressing or top it up on your favourite milkshake
Put some drops on your partner's lips and gently suck it off. Let your imagination soar thereon and indulge in an absolute sensual ecstasy.

Banana is one of the most perfect foods available. They have a fabulous phallic shape, which makes it partially responsible for its popularity as an aphrodisiac. It is believed that even many women enjoy them for its shape. Bananas are rich in potassium and B-complex vitamins, both essential for sex hormone production. Central Americans drink the sap of the red banana as an aphrodisiac.

Go bananas with these tips:
Get creative and cook up some love potions made with banana for your beloved and rest assured you'll be having a flaming time together.