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What could be more sensual and exhilarating than kissing or being kissed?

A passionate kiss has its own charm; often it is more intimate than sex; it is soulful and touches the heart straight.

When you are completely engaged with another person's face, your bodies and minds connect with each other; it is much beyond just a physical act. Kisses make moments, moments that becomes memories.

Well, not all of us good kissers. Even the sassiest among us may screw up when it comes to tongue tango skills. Here are some tips for putting the spark into your kisses. This may surprise you but one thing's for sure - it will make you a better kisser!

What makes kissing so powerful is the intimacy of the physical contact. Kissing is a very passionate form of touching. Your kiss should express the warmth and desire you feel about your partner.

The magic touch

If you feel like biting your partner's lips, go ahead. Softly biting the lower lip is usually rewarded. Gently sucking on the top or lower lip for a couple of seconds is not bad either.

Sensuous bite

The anticipation of a kiss is usually more intense than the actual act. The restlessness that sets in can be a big sex-drive booster. So, the bottom line is, don't rush to get it over with; lean in slowly and before you're lip-to-lip, pause to take in the sensations. Feel each others' breath, smell your partner, and feel your cheeks brush up against his. Pausing at this moment is like playful teasing that can act as a glimpse of the fun that kissing can be.

Start and Pause

Start by using your tongue when kissing other parts of your partner's body. Gently roll your tongue over your partner's arm or neck or shoulder, and with your lips against his skin, let your tongue briefly touch their skin; don't lick, that's a thumb rule.

When you are lip-locked, keep your mouth slightly open. Let the tongue add the extra warmth in your kiss. Slowly roll your tongue on the upper and lower lips of your partner, moving into the mouth gradually.

Tongue tango

Gently blow in your partner's ear between kisses to increase excitement. Let the wind tickle the senses and arouse the sensuality of your partner.

Let the wind blow