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Let the music play and free your wild side on the dance floor. Get raunchy on dancing with your partner. Do the salsa with your girl and get her grooving to the mood. Hold her tight and bring her close as you make your dance moves with her. Make rhythmic movements together and feel each others body getting closer, your chest rubbing over her breasts, and your thighs stroking between her legs. Make your night more exciting if you two are alone. Suggest her to take off her inner garments and put on some soft nightdress. Feel every twist of her body as she moves in your arms, and make it a night to remember.

This might sound a bit outrageous but it is one of the best ways to bring her close to you. Women are quite particular and selective about their personal choices, especially when it comes to clothing. Buying her a beautiful pair of lingerie is an indication that you are concerned about every aspect of her’s. So make sure you know her size and preferences well. Be creative and set the mood right when you gift it. Watch her reaction when she opens the gift, and softly ask her to put it on while you can watch her. Remember, do not force her if she is unwilling. Let her relax and then slowly make your moves. Let your eyes do the talking first, and then slowly take her into your arms. If she’s smiling, you’ve won a great deal.

When the heat between you and your partner is soaring high, drive your woman wild with wet and raunchy love bites. Women enjoy giving love bites and love to get them too. Explore her body and discover her most pleasurable zones. Plant soft wet kisses first and slightly suck on the skin. Roll her flesh between your teeth teasingly and with a little pressure bite her just enough to leave teeth marks. Make sure you are not hurting her at any point. Watch her response carefully and alternate with wet kisses and long licks. Work on her most irresistible spots like her lips, on her neck, her breasts, on her inner thighs, and watch her moan with ecstasy.

Have you ever noticed a woman close her eyes when a man strokes her hair gently? For most women, hair makes a very important part of their appearance. They love it when men appreciate their hair style or its texture. Express your appreciation through touch. Run your fingers through her hair, beginning from her nape working upwards. If her hair is tied up in a knot or into a neat pony tail, remove her band/clip gently and let her hair flow down, caressing and stroking the roots sensuously. It works wonders especially when she’s stressed out or had a hectic day at work. Move your fingers in a manner of giving her a good massage. Plant soft kisses on her neck occasionally allowing her to relax and respond to your touch.

Plan a day with your partner to completely relax and rejuvenate from the hectic schedules of life. The idea is to enjoy just being together with your partner for a day. When she is preparing the meal, you can thoughtfully get the bathtub ready. Toss some rose petals, add some bath essence and light some mild scented candles and pull down the curtains. Keep a bottle of champagne or wine ready. Play some soft music in the background. When she is done with the work, tell her you have a surprise waiting and blindfold her with a soft satin sash. Carry her to the bathtub and gently take off her dress.

It‘s best if you are just wrapped up in your bath towel too. Remove the blindfold and lead her into the tub as you step in with her. Pour over the drinks in your glasses and have a long relaxed, sensuous bubble bath exploring each other. You can also set the mood of your bed in a similar manner and work it up to have a steaming love making session thereafter.