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When it comes to personal hygiene, body odour would be listed as one of the biggest turn offs for women. Women get turned on at the first instance of a fresh male scent. While natural body scent is the biggest turn on, add a dash of good masculine cologne to give it a plus. Women appreciate men who take care of personal hygiene and feel good to be in their company. Exude masculinity with the power of your fragrance and watch your woman nibbling your ears already!

This is one thing where most men usually take a back seat. Adding romance into your relationship is like having a scoop of ice cream in your fruit salad. It adds a special zing. Little thoughtful things make a huge difference and your woman will know how to thank you back. Look into her eyes and tell her she’s beautiful, cook her favourite dish when she returns from work, surprise her with a thoughtful gift, write her a love letter or leave a love note in her wallet, give her a flower, dance with her, organize a romantic surprise weekend getaway. Do about just anything, your lady love will fall in love with you all over again.

Okay,this is one thing that many women would agree upon. What could be more turning on for a woman than to see her man in his bare minimals? Better still if you have just a bath towel wrapped around your waist, exuding a fresh ‘out of the bath’ look. Ah! What an eye candy! Your woman will be scanning your body up and down with a wicked smile over her lips and going weak in her knees, ready to take you all over.

Be your woman's best dressed man. Labels apart, your regular denim and a smart t-shirt will work wonders. Choose your clothes according to the occasion. While formal dressing would suit best for a quiet dinner, casual dressing is typical for a movie or a long ride. Select your clothes carefully if you are planning for a party night, you don’t want to end up dressing jazzily. Most importantly, keep your head high and walk confidently, the girl is yours always.

Ah! One of the best ways to get a woman turned on is when you move your arms around her waist and hold her tight. You want to make sure you are not grabbing her unawares, just slide your hand over her back and hold her by her hips gently. When there is noone around, whisper sweet nothings to her. Most women just love it because it is a gesture of love and care and it makes them feel so warm and secured.